Surprise Endings

At the end of December I was asked to help out with a "special" project.  In essence, I was to play the part of a photographer in order to set the stage for a very special question.  Video was an afterthought, but I think it turned out nice enough, given the challenges of terrible audio and capturing the moments as they happened.  Here is that video:

Mimi and Morris from Barrett Ross on Vimeo.


Challenge Yourself

A couple weeks back I was taking a look through Flickr to see what my contacts had been up to.  I like making connections with Flickr users who consistantly put up creative, high quality images - and generally have a style that is quite different from my own.  I regularly get to see beautiful images that were taken in a way that is probably quite different from how I would have approached it.  It gives me an interesting perspective and often makes me think of how I might have gone about producing the image if I had made it.

On that particular day, I came across a photo of a martini glass that was lit wonderfully and deserved to be on a two-page spread, adorned with some stylish text from a high-end vodka label telling you how drinking their brand would make you a better person, save puppies around the world, and get you the girl - and you'd believe it.  It was that eye catching.  The thing is I've never really tried product photography, or had much of an interest in it, but this image gave me a greater appreciation for it. 

When I got home from work, it was time for me to pull out a glass and a bottle of wine, and make an absolute mess of our living room.  What I mean by this is I decided to move all of my furniture about, pull out my lights and create a table top studio setup.  After a couple of hours of testing things out, this wine bottle and glass is what I came up with.

(More after the Jump, including lighting diagram)

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A Few Shots

I had a fun shoot the other day near (and under) the Santa Monica Pier.  While I still need to do a lot of post processing on the shoot, I did pick a few out to play with. Kyle and Mark were good sports about splashing about in the surf.  I still feel bad about one particular wave that seemed to sneak up on Kyle before any of us realized how large it really was. Enjoy the shots and comments are always welcome. More photos after the jump...

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Before and...

My dear friend Jared and I are beginning work on a photo book (and corresponding blog) that we are really excited about. We want to capture some quintessential moments in life, before and after they happen. From a child's first birthday to the results of lab tests, we want to capture and share what it looks like before and after the moment that defines an event.

Is the glass half full or half empty? We want to share what it looks like when it's totally full, then totally empty. We want to share personal moments and the thoughts of those in the photographs. We want to share their story with you. 

Have any ideas you'd like to see? We're all ears. The first moment is about to happen...


Just had to...

At the moment, it seems that this blog is where my ideas go to die. It's a bit of a forgotten graveyard of photo concepts, thoughts and "news". For too long this has sat an idle space. I think what I'm trying to get at is that I want to change that. I'm not vowing that I will... merely stating that I'll try. Can't hurt, right? A few ideas after the jump.

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