The best is yet to come. That’s basically our outlook on everything.  Each day is quite different from the last. The sun always rises on a new adventure. No two tellings of a story come out quite the same, and no photo or video shoot mirrors the last. And that’s how we like it.

We love trying something new. Put us in a new place, introduce us to new people, or hand us a new camera and we’re right at home and grinning the whole time. We strive to make every shoot and project fun and rewarding for everyone involved. We have the ability to get excited about everything. Think: little kid + huge birthday cake + presents. Yeah, it can be infectious.

Never stop. Learning, trying, sharing, teaching, laughing. We love combining skills to create something wonderful, and never want to stop learning from others. So come along and enjoy the journey. The best is yet to come.



Barrett Ross

Photographer, Cinematographer, Director


 phone:    424-272-1983